Actua Innovation continues to push collaboration initiatives with renowned ethical entities in order to develop projects related to Artificial Intelligence in Andorra. One of the initiatives already set is the guide ‘Think of responsible artificial intelligence: a guide to deliberation’. A document aiming to help determine which are the current ethical debates presented within Artificial intelligence systems and to provide knowledge of related terms. This guide must serve the purpose of understanding different ethical paradigms and their implications.

In this sense, the director of Actua Innovation, Marc Pons, explained that “the algorithms, the data and, nowadays, artificial intelligence are present in our day to day lives and provide us with a mix of capacities that are advancing at breakneck speed, with promises of a better future and preoccupations arising in such delicate aspects as privacy, security or ethics with which they have been designed”. Pons remarked that “it is fundamental for us to participate in a safe manner and to ensure privacy in the definition of these important aspects of technologies which will determine present and future developments and for this reason initiative”.

In addition, the guide wants to serve as inspiration in starting participative debates that will include the country´s entities and citizens addressing these questions. The guide is the fruit of collective work by the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the Government of Quebec and the university of Montreal.

Ethical treatment of Data

Furthermore, Actua Innovation firmly wants to proactively work so as to guaranty an ethical treatment of data and an ethical use of emerging technological systems, complementing the efforts made by the Government within the framework of the country´s digital transformation. In this sense, they are actively collaborating with IRCAI (International Research Center for AI) from UNESCO, the CAHAI (Ad-Hoc Committee in Artificial Intelligence) of the European Council and other entities related to ethics in order to position Andorra as an environment where ethical principles are considered while developing and using Artificial Intelligence.