The Cluster of Health and Welfare met on Monday for its 18th time to address the different experiences of the health specialists who recently developed a business in the country. The event was attended by about fifty people and was a good way to confirm the need to work together to promote the offer of health and welfare to the outside.

The cluster highlighted the strengths and weaknesses when it comes to opening a private health center in the Principality through the experience of Dr. López Gil (Dermandtek Dermatological Clinic), Dr. Hanneken (Ophthalmology Clinic VallmedicVision) Angelina Llobet (Centre Quiropràctic Andorrà), Raúl Peláez (clínica estètica Dorsia) and Patrick McMahon (Centre Vital Quiropràctic). The Centre Hospitalari Andorrà (CHA) was also represented.

As for the positives, experts have highlighted the facilities and support to initial foreign investments, a high knowledge of languages of the Andorran population which is key to facilitate health tourism attraction, the existence of the information and support centre Actua Corner and the existing financing facilities.

With regards to areas for improvement, participants put on the table the need to jointly promote the offer of health and welfare to strengthen tourist attraction in this area, and the importance of recruiting health professionals from other countries.

The Centre Hospitalari d’Andorra explained the creation of a figure to handle all private centers willing to operate at the Meritxell Hospital. Participants appreciated this predisposition.

The Actua program representatives were satisfied with this session and told participants that concrete steps will be undertaken soon in order to improve the promotion the offer of health and welfare abroad.