This Thursday, the 10th meeting of members of the Initiativa Actua Innovation cluster was held, with more than 40 attending. The General Manager of Andorra Telecom, Jordi Nadal, presented the project “Andorra Wi-Fi”, stressing the importance of providing the country with such an infrastructure to facilitate the development of the Smart Country project.

Nadal observed, among other aspects, the importance of the cluster sessions in developing this project, and highlighted the good work carried out by the cluster’s leader, Albert Moles. During the presentation, the Director of Andorra Telecom explained in detail how the project is being implemented and also the commercial services they offer.

The work session also saw the presence of important members of the Education and Health & Welfare clusters, who emphasised the projects and activities undertaken by each cluster, with the aim of finding any synergies and potential collaboration between them. This is a question of seeing how their tasks intersect so that initiatives interlinking the different groups can emerge.

For his part, Albert Moles made the most of the work session to introduce the Cloud Andorra project, which should encourage the continued development of the Smart Country project. The aim of this project is to offer a cloud with specific services to attract foreign businesses and also become a tool for Andorran businesses to sell their services.

As in every session of the Innovation cluster, prese sign competition that is currently underway, ending on 12 December at 19.00 when the winner is announced. The winning design will be manufactured in Andorra and commercialised through the catalogue of the company Bolefloor. The pieces will include the name of the designer and will be manufactured to order. The winning piece will be exhibited at the next Domotex fair in Hanover, to be held on 10-14 January 2014.ntations of specific projects and businesses were also made. Among these are notably the presentation by Toni Sánchez of the business SODIMAC. Sánchez explained the innovative furniture.

The next session of the Innovation cluster will take place in January 2014.