Finance Minister Jordi Cinca presented details of the 2018 budget Law on Tuesday, November, 7th. Incomes prediction amount for 425,231,642.06 euros and public spending forecast is of 450,919,283 euros. The cash deficit is below 1% of GDP and stands at 25.69 million euros. 

Minister Cinca highlighted the increase in social benefits, in particular from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
The budget reflects the improvement in the economic situation, highlighting incomes related to consumption, and tax revenues, due to the increase in number of employees. 

There is also an increase in expenditure, and with regard to those associated to personnel costs, the minister considers that the administration is not oversized, although triennials and the CPI index must be assumed. In terms of percentage, increase in this chapter is lower than in previous years.

Photo: Govern d’ Andorra