Subsidies Actua Empresa 2019

The amount of 180.000 euros that Actua allotted for the second edition of subventions directed at the country´s entrepreneurs was exhausted on Wednesday, 29th of May.

Subvencions Actua Empresa

Actua´s subsidies program aims to provide support and aid in the transformation process of Andorran business in becoming innovative and competitive within the International market.

In this sense, Actua has allotted 180.000 euros in subventions and economic aid, the maximum amount provided per beneficiary is of 4.000 euros.

The period for receiving Applications is from April 15th 2019 to December 13th 2019, Monday to Friday from 10 h to 13 h, at Andorra´s Innovation Space (Caldea building – Parc de la Mola, 10, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany).

The businesses or titled professionals who received this aid in the last edition will not be able to opt for it nor will retroactive services be subsidized.

The aid takes into account subventions for the contracting of a determined type of services which contribute to facilitating the company´s access to digitalization, innovation, internationalization and entrepreneurship, accompanying its international diversification and foreign presence.

We subsidize the services you contract in order to improve competitivity of your company in matters of:







a) Subsidies and investment in innovation:

  • Specialized studies on new lines of business: analysis of economic feasibility and markets introducing or redesigning a new line of business.
  • Technological research / Search for technology: subcontracting the research of new products, sub-products, services or raw materials whose objective is to improve the production of goods or providing of services to incorporate them into the company.
  • Incorporation of new technologies: implementing activities the result of which is technological advancement in obtaining new products or production process or a substantial improvement on existing ones.

b) Subsidies and investments in internationalization:

  • Diagnosis of the potential for internationalization: analysis of economic feasibility for possible internationalization that includes: (i) study of possible markets for products/services and estimating potential market, (ii) calculation of the main economic ratios, and (iii) conclusions on the capability of internationalization.
  • International promotion plans which include, at least, two or more of the following services: (i) selecting the product/service, (ii) pre-selecting of countries, (iii) selecting of countries, (iv) selecting the channel of distribution, and (v) list of potential clients.
  • Assessment in International commerce transactions.
  • Web design and positioning oriented towards International markets: this service can include the planning, graphic design, interface and user experience and the implementation of websites oriented towards international markets, the optimization of search engines, the assessment in designing a content hierarchy, as well as any other action which improves the website´s efficiency. Orientation towards International markets requires the website be in more than one language.
  • Digital marketing oriented towards International markets, including positioning on social media: this service includes assessment and promotion of websites or social media platforms in search engines by using paid advertising.
  • Assessment and accompanying for participating in International fairs related to the company´s activity.
  • Services of design and setting up of stands in International fairs related to the company´s activity.
  • Booking spaces in International fairs related to the company´s activity.

c) Subsidies and investment in company optimization:

As long as the finality is the improvement of the business model, the efficiency and/or the professionalization of the company:

  • Research for human resources specialized in innovation, internationalization and/or optimization of business processes, through companies specialized in selecting employees.
  • Subcontracting of the figures of “export manager” or “innovation manager”.
  • Personnel restructuring services directed at improving competitivity, as long as there is no reduction in the number of workers.
  • Web design and positioning directed at online commerce: this service can include planning, graphic design, interface and user experience and the implementation of websites directed at online commerce, the optimization of search engines, the assessment in designing a content hierarchy, as well as any other action which improves the website´s efficiency. Orientation towards online commerce requires the website to allow online purchasing of the company´s products or services.
  • Services directed at implementing the necessary operating system to sell the company´s products or services via electronic channels.
  • Management systems of the company´s activity: I.T. and digital systems that optimize company activity management, including I.T. programs and apps.
  • Assessment services in order to obtain volunteer ISO certifications.

The objective of these subsidies is to facilitate and incentivize any companies in the country who have more limitations in accessing external professional services, due to the nature of the company, so that they may contract them, and therefore, professionalize themselves and incorporate the variables of innovation and internationalization in their business to become more competitive and resilient.

180.000 allotted by Actua

The program of Subsidies Actua Business 2019 has a budget of 180.000 euros. From this budget 153.000 euros will be for businesses with a turnover of up to 350.000 euros and 27.000 euros for businesses with a turnover between 350.000 euros and 1.500.000 euros.

A maximum of


of the cost of the contracted services



for beneficiary

The amount of the subsidy is a maximum of 80% of the cost of services contracted with a maximum of 4.000 € per beneficiary. The same beneficiary may apply for more than one subsidy of the Program for different services but with a maximum of 4.000 euros given for the combined services contracted.

The process of awarding the subsidies is that of non-competitive concurrence, the aid is awarded to those who meet every requirement established, in order form the date of presentation of the subsidy application, until the funds budgeted have been awarded from the announcement of the Program or until the deadline given in the announcement. Actua will carry out the instruction of the procedures and will evaluate all presented applications.

Actua will carry out all the necessary follow-ups and controls so as to guaranty that the benificiaries use the funds correctly and to determine compliance with the conditions and requirements to be awarded the subsidy, as well as the established obligations. The beneficiaries of the subsidies must provide all information requested by the General Intervention or other competent organs.

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