Matins d’Actua – How To Get Relevant Traffic to Your Website with Google Adwords

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Actua offers Andorran companies the possibility to give presentations in the Andorra Innovation Space to members of our clusters and other contacts on a topic of business interest and 15 minutes of networking.

In our inaugural session of the «Matins d’Actua», Kamila Lipska from the Online Growth Team company will talk about «How To Get Relevant Traffic to Your Website Without Spending Fortune on Google Adwords».

Table of Content

1.What’s Google Adwords and how does it help your business to grow.
2.Is Adwords an appropriate advertising channel for your business?
3.Best Practices for setting up efficient Adwords Campaign
4.Mistakes you want to avoid while running Adwords Campaign


Kamila Lipska – Over 12 years experience in online marketing, specialised in growth hacking and paid marketing. She loves challenges and her brain never stops to search solutions. In online marketing she worked for big companies as well as for small startups, always focusing on results, which it’s the biggest driver for her personal and professional life. In her own words “I don’t believe in unicorns and success build overnight. As Robert Collier said, success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.”

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