A business delegation organized by Andorra Business is taking part from Friday, July 6th, in DreamHack Valencia 2023, Spain´s most important electronic sports festival, with practically all tickets sold out and an estimated attendance of 65000 people, according to data provided by the organization.

Andorran participation falls within the framework of the recently signed agreement between Andorra Business and Encom, the organizer of the event. The director of the Andorran entity, Judit Hidalgo, highlighted that “it allows the country´s business men and women from the sector to participate in different work sessions with both Spanish and International colleagues focusing strategy on growing their development in electronic sports, while simultaneously, also presenting their projects taking advantage of our participation”.

The Principality´s companies have been able to explain their projects and take part in work meetings, accompanied by Andorra Business who have also presented the opportunities on offer in the country for professionals of this industry. Participating Andorran companies are: ACA e-Sports, Creand, Pyrenees, Golden Haven Games, Lit Lab Games alongside other with deep connections to the country such as Techland and Razer Espanya.

The event´s director, Javier Carrión, stated that “DreamHack returns this summer with a very special edition that aims to gather over 65000 attendees. Among the content to highlight, firstly, the arrival of the League of Legends Super League (LOL) and in the international field, at DreamHack we always try to provide world renowned content, and this year we bring the highest competition of Clash Royale, with players arriving from all over the world. In addition, for the first time we will have an Indie Zone, that will gather over 30 videogame titles”.

Andorran participation is completed with the competitions where the winners of the Esports City Fest Andorra will take part, which was hosted last May at the Poliesportiu of Andorra, they will represent the country in various international competitions of classic games such as Marvel Snap, Rocket League, Clash Royal and F1.

Esports City Talks in Andorra

Andorra Business´s agreement with Encom also includes the hosting in autumn of the first edition of the Esports City Talks in Andorra, which have taken place in Valencia up to now. These are sessions on sharing and debate that bring together the reality of e-sports and culture to companies and professionals from sectors interested in the opportunities generated by this industry. During the event, professionals and prestigious academics will share their experience and vision of the impact of e-sports on society.

DreamHack promotes tourism and the local economy

The festival, which took place for the first time in Valencia in 2010, has managed to position itself as one of the most important events for videogames, technology and electronic sports competitions in Spain. In fact, thanks to the two events celebrated in Valencia in 2022, in June and December, an indirect impact of close to 20 million Euros was generated in the capital on the Túria river.

Both events gathered 135000 people in total and generated an indirect impact in the hotel and transport sectors of over 8 million Euros, with an average expenditure per attendee of over 160 Euros, which facilitated the creation of over 400 jobs in the city.

This year they hope to create an impact close to 10 million Euros and create 300 jobs in the month of July. Currently, 95% of tickets have already been sold. Moreover, the estimate for the 2023 edition is to gather 65000 people over the weekend.

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