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Andorra Business is the agency for economic development in Andorra.

Who are we?

What is Andorra Business?

Andorra Business is a key player in the enhancement of competitivity, innovation and sustainability of the Andorran economy through:

Andorra Business

What can Andorra Business do for you?

In essence, we provide support to your business growth and expansion.

Where are we?

Where are we?

Prat de la Creu 68-76, 3er
(Edifici Administratiu Comú d’Andorra la Vella),
AD500 – Andorra la Vella

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We call you!

We call you!

Andorra Business pillars areAndorra Business pillars are:

Support in the constitution process

Support in the

constitution process
of your company

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Facilitate International contacts

Facilitate International

contacts for
your business

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Connect to the country’s key players


your business to the
country’s key players

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Offer necessary information

Offer necessary

information to ensure
the feasibility of your project

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Innovate with you

Innovate with you

creating the infrastructure, projects and
contacts that will help you make the jump

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Facilitate contact

Facilitate contact

with the public administration
and follow up on the different procedures

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Latest newsLatest news

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Andorra Research + Innovation and Andorra Business, alongside various of the country´s experts, are finalizing the national strategy for innovation and entrepreneurship

11 October, 2021|

Andorra Research + Innovation (ARI)andAndorra Business (AB)organized a workshop to finalize the elaboration of the national strategy for innovation and entrepreneurship presented last July [...]


From the merging of two projects and the foreign investment law, which opened the doors for investment from abroad, we decided to move ahead with opening the lab in Andorra. We hope to continue growing in both the clinic side as well as the industrial and veterinary one.

Nice Fruit

Nice Fruit
Andorra has a variety of advantages we took into account when we decided to establish the company in the country such as security, legislation and political stability. And after having done so, I was surprised by how much people love living in Andorra. It provides a very high quality of life.

José María Roger, President - Nice Fruit
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