Andorra Business agreements with International entities

We know that a great network of contacts and third-party agreements is essential for internationalization and to impulse any Andorran company.

For this reason, we have signed agreements with foreign companies of International reach, leaders in their countries in business dynamics and technology, to provide support to Andorran business in its internationalization and competitivity and, thus, diversifying the economy.

Equally, these agreements are a way of bringing Andorra closer to International businesses and entrepreneurs.

Andorra Business agreements with International entities

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International entities collaborating with Andorra Business

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We call you!

We call you!
Andorra is one of the best places in the world to set up the design, marketing, conception and engineering part of a company. Andorra Business helps us to internationalize our company with its connections/contacts to enter markets where it is more complicated to settle.
Max Commencal, CEO of Commencal

Andorra is a very interesting country to bolster the expansion of a company. Furthermore, it is a paradise to live in, safe and with fair taxation. Andorra Business greatly helped us in finding events, places and companies with which to collaborate.
Miguel Manterola, CEO of Ship-Quik

The decision to create a company in Andorra came not only because of the tax facilities, but above all because of the high quality of life and the presence of talented young people. NP Technology wants to grow in the world, expanding its presence in other countries, and Andorra Business has played a key role helping us in our internationalization process.
Marco Di Giampietro, CEO of NP Technology
We came to Andorra because we love mountains, because Spain and France were nearby, and especially because of the exceptional security framework that the Principality offers. We are very happy to continue with the support of Andorra Business, since thanks to them we have been able to establish many commercial links with international companies.
Jacques Gascuel, CEO of Freemindtronic
We decided to open the clinic in Andorra because many of the Moto GP and Superbike riders that we advise live here, such as Fabio Quartararo and Pol Espargaró. Also because there are quite a few elite athletes living in the country. Andorra Business helped us for the launching of the business by providing us information on how to set up the company in the Principality.
We chose to open the company in Andorra because of its natural environment and the quality of life it offers. Andorra Business has helped us significantly both at the initial moment of our implementation in the country, providing us with information, and later by participating in the first edition of the Growth Program for business growth or opening its subsidies for companies to us.
Farmàcia Meritxell
Having a business in Andorra does not only mean having tax benefits. It is also easier on a bureaucratic level and to project yourself internationally. Andorra Business helped me in precisely this process, making my products known outside the Principality.
From the merging of two projects and the foreign investment law, which opened the doors for investment from abroad, we decided to move ahead with opening the lab in Andorra. We hope to continue growing in both the clinic side as well as the industrial and veterinary one.
Nice Fruit
Andorra has a variety of advantages we took into account when we decided to establish the company in the country such as security, legislation and political stability. And after having done so, I was surprised by how much people love living in Andorra. It provides a very high quality of life.
José María Roger, NiceTech President