Sixty people participated in the conference on the Luxembourg’s Information Technology and Communication sector (ICT), organized by the Actua program as part of the Innovation cluster. The conference was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gilbert Saboya, and the Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Andorra, Jean Graff.
Saboya stressed the good relations between Andorra and Luxembourg, which have facilitated the realization of this event. He has also highlighted the importance of the work done by the Actua program, since the dynamics of clusters allows identifying barriers and opportunities for the development of a concrete sector. Finally Saboya emphasized progresses made within the framework of Actua like signing the Law on digital space, the work carried out around payment procedures or the Google Business View project.

Ambassador Graff presented at first the main features of the country, to focus later in new information technologies and communication in Luxembourg.

With an area six times larger than Andorra and a population of 550,000 inhabitants, Luxembourg is one of Europe’s largest economies. Its geographical location in the heart of Europe and its political and economic stability make the country to the 73rd global economy worldwide. To achieve this status, Luxembourg promoted the economic opening.

Ambassador Graff explained the importance of the technology sector and communication in Luxembourg’s GDP. He highlights the importance of a specific legislation and promoting the appropriate investments in infrastructure in order to encourage development and the attraction of communications and new technologies’ companies.

Luxembourg has pioneered the implementation of some EU directives related to ICT such as electronic signatures or the Law on electronic commerce. In previous years the country had already adapted the European directive on trusts (SICAV), which helped develop widely the Luxembourg financial sector.
Finally, Graff has stressed the importance of flexibility in its economic model, as an essential component to be competitive. In fact, Luxembourg was one of the first countries to change their Law on attorney to facilitate the constitution of companies. They have also adapted the legal environment to create a safe space for digital content, allowing exports everywhere.