Andorra is considered to be the safest country in the world according to the latest index elaborated by the Numbeo platform, the largest data base on countries and cities in the world. The report by Numbeo provides updated information on conditions from around the world with indicators for housing, health, traffic, crime, cost of living and pollution.

The report indicates that the Principality has a crime rate of 12,87%, regarded as very low, and is at the same level as countries such the U.A.E (15,65), Qatar (15,98) and Taiwan (16,74). In the cases of France and Spain, crime rate is at 36,24 and 55,26 respectively. The country where the crime rate is highest is Venezuela, with 81,15.

Andorra also leads the list of safest countries with a rate of 87,13, once again ahead of the U.A.E. (84,35), Qatar (84,02) and Taiwan (83,26). For Spain, the safety rate is 63,76, and for France, it is 44,74. At the bottom of the list is Venezuela again (18,85).

Thursday March 28th 2024

Andorra, país més segur del món

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