The Council of Ministers approved two aids to promote specific agricultural practices to maintain Andorran natural environment. The director of Agriculture, Landry Riba, emphasized the benefits it would have for the landscape, its biodiversity, and therefore, for the whole country.

A first aid is provided for the recovery of plots of land, to preserve their productivity, picturesque and cultural values, and to encourage the introduction or restoration of alternative crops. Thus, it is estimated that up to 42 hectares of land could be recovered.

The amount of aid for these measures is set at between 0,24 and 1,26 euro per square metre, depending on the type of operation and the degree of difficulty.

A second aid for the maintenance of plant biodiversity is provided to encourage the use of farming practices which favour the conservation of plants. It is estimated that up to 800 plots could be used for such practices, and the same regulation sets out the specific technical conditions they should follow.

In this case, the aid has been set at between 0,12 and 0,20 euro per square metre, depending on the type of plot. In addition, this aid may be complementary to the ones already paid to farms for other practices.

Text: Govern d’Andorra