The Office of Energy and Climate Change’s director, Carles Miquel, FEDA’s general director, Albert Moles, and the vice president of Research of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia, Xavier Py, signed on Thursday, November 22nd, a collaboration agreement to promote trainings for future Andorran professionals in the field of renewable energy engineering.
In the process of transforming Andorra’s energy model, and the Government’s efforts to promote renewable energies, it is necessary to have coherent and trained professional network. In this regard, this agreement is very important, for it allows also to benefit from the knowledge of Sup’EnR.
Carles Miquel explained that by means of this agreement the Government and FEDA become partners of Sup’EnR and commit themselves to collaborate in the training offered by the school to possible candidates from the country. In addition, Andorran entities will participate in the selection process of students, informing of Andorran candidates who present themselves, and the university will host those who meet the access criteria.
For his part, Albert Moles, announced that FEDA will create a scholarship aimed at students who take this training. This initiative is consistent with both the company and the country’s need to count on qualified professionals in the field of energy transition and renewable energies.
The vice-president of Research of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia, Xavier Py, said this agreement is the result of the good relations established from the past meeting with Andorran Ministers Silvia Calvó, and Eric Jover, in April 2017. Xavier Py also explained that Sup’EnR is training engineers in energy procedures applied to industry and construction, adding a global approach related to sustainable development.

Text: Govern d’Andorra

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