Exports during the month of January represented 6.81 million, a 28.8% increase over the same month last year, according to the foreign trade’s latest report.

Exported items with a positive percentage variation are “food” with a + 321.7%, “Pharmacy – perfumery,” a + 209.8% and “Jewelry” a + 147.3%. “Fuel” (-100.0%) and ‘beverages and tobacco’ (-93.2%) have a negative percentage, instead.

Regarding the accumulated of the last twelve months, exports have a value of 92.27 million euros, with a positive percentage variation of + 15.9% over the last 12 months of the previous year. “Industrial” items with a + 44.8%, “jewelry” with a + 44.7% and “Miscellaneous” with a + 35.3% represent positive percentage variations. On the other hand, ​​”Fuel”, with -77.4% and “Beverages and tobacco”, with -27.0% have remarkable negative percentage values.