On Thursday the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Francesc Camp, presented a report to the Tourist sector on the results of the 10 Scalada peformances by the Cirque du Soleil this summer. Camp said he was “very satisfied” with the economic impact,”three times the investment made”, as the return was 8.5 million on an investment of 2,641 million euros.

Of this, 7,250 million came from tourist spending, based on calculations per person per night in Andorra. In fact, one of the main points raised in the presentation was the fact that 74,8% of those who had free entry and 85,9% of those who paid for tickets spent the night in Andorra, with an average of more than two nights per person. There were 59,600 overnight stays made by spectators of the show. Compared with the same period the previous year, in the first half of July there was a 2,6% increase and in the second half occupancy went up 5,2%. In the case of hotels not affiliated to the Association of Hotels there was an increase of 12,2% overnight stays in the second half of July. The Tourism Minister highlighted the fact that, according to the surveys done by 6,451 people out of a total of 46,915 attending the show (92% attendance rate),  the main motive for visiting Andorra for those who attended the show was the show itself, an exclusive to Andorra.  Other reasons for visiting Andorra were activities such as shopping and going to restaurants.
Another important aspect was the Andorran business infrastructure needed for the logistics of the show. Specifically, the Andorran organization of the Cirque du Soleil was responsible for employing 28 companies from the country and up to 108 workers, thus generating 620,000 euros. To this one can add the employment offered directly by the Cirque du Soleil, which gave work to 30 more people and generated some 200,000 euros for Andorran workers. Camp also presented other aspects related to the general evaluation of the public, which rated the experience as 8.4 on a scale of 0-10. The quality of the show, according to the Minister, was the most important element of the evaluation.  The Andorran public awarded the show a 7.7, whilst the Spanish and French gave it an 8.6 and other nationalities (especially the Russian tourists) awarded it as much as 9.2.  The audience was made up of 29% from Andorra, 60% from Spain and 5,7% from France, whilst the rest was made up of other nationalities. With respect to other aspects to take into account for future visits, Camp highlighted the need for better visibility, especially for families with children, issues with the web App, and better information on the number of parking spaces available near the show area.