A delegation of French businessmen accompanied by the French ambassador in Andorra, Jocelyne Caballero, visited the Innovation Space of Andorra this afternoon. The Andorran Minister of Economy, Innovation and Competitiveness, Gilbert Saboya, presented the projects being developed by Actua, such as the Andorran model of CityScope and the autonomous vehicle.

The Innovation space also hosted a working meeting with French representatives including the director of Smart & Resourceful Cities Development, SUEZ, Benoit Brient, representatives of the energy and services company, Bouygues, Laurent Tavel and Guillaume Male, and the French ambassador in Andorra. On the Andorran side, the director of Andorra Development and Investment (ADI-Invest in Andorra), Judit Hidalgo, the director of FEDA, Albert Moles, the director of the Civil Protection and Emergency Management Department, Francesc Areny, the director of the Department of Fire Prevention and Extinction and Rescue, Joan Carles Recasens, and Guillem Kallis, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.