The city of Hamburg (Germany) is redesigning the urban development of the Grasbrook district with the participation of several international experts, including professionals from Actua and the Andorran Sustainability Observatory (OBSA). The director of Actua Innovation, Marc Pons, attended this Monday, January 21st, at the University of Hafencity in a workshop to analyse situations of acoustic impact, air quality and mobility.
Pons stressed “it is very important for us to be in these working groups because it allows us to broaden our knowledge and share the work we are doing from Andorra. In fact, our participation shows that our work begins to position very well at the international level. The director of Actua Innovation visited the City Science Lab of the University of Hamburg. He could present Andorran Innovation projects in the fields of mobility, environment and urbanism.
Fifty experts took part in the working sessions, including the managers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s city networks.