The State Secretaries for Digital Transition and Strategic Projects, César Marquina, Economic Diversification and Innovation, Marc Galabert, and International Financial Affairs, Marc Ballestà, presented on Monday the Company Digitalization Program (PDE), which was approved by the Council of Ministers, via Decree, last Wednesday. The aim of this Program is to promote the digitalization of Andorran companies through consultancies, subventions and endorsements. The decree anticipates a total of 287 thousand Euros for direct subventions and 1,7 million Euros intended as loans to execute digitalization projects.

The State Secretary for Digital Transition and Strategic Projects, César Marquina, explained that the CDP aims to stimulate the business sector in advancing in digitalization by offering the necessary consulting as well as aid and financing in order to complete the process. This way, companies participating in the program, which is within the framework of the Digital Transformation project, will be able to implement digital solutions and develop transformation projects, thus stimulating their competitivity and productivity.

The CDP provides companies access to a digital consultancy platform. On this platform, launched with the support of Andorra Digital, Andorra Business and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Andorra, companies will be able to carry out a self-diagnosis on their level of digital maturity, that will help them to discover the main fields of opportunity and obtain recommendations for their digitalization projects.

With the subventions given by the government included in the program, the companies that have obtained a diagnosis through the digital consultancy platform will then have access to a personalized digital assessment, orienting them towards the right digital solutions for each sector. The Secretary of State for Economic Diversification and Innovation, Marc Galabert, explained that the Executive will offer subventions with a value of between 40% and 75% of the cost of the consultancies, depending on the type of company. Galabert stated that company digitalization is also an incentive for international competitivity.

The service of personalized assessment provided by companies previously homologated by Andorra Digital becomes a service of digital consulting and orientation towards digital solutions, defining an adequate plan of transformation for each case, detailing an implementation calendar, the managers of each project and the main indicators to measure so as to guarantee a correct development.

In order to implement the solutions defined in each company´s plan of action, financing will be made available through a program of endorsements. As was presented by the Secretary of State for International Financial Affairs, Marc Ballestà, these loans, endorsed by the government, will offer the possibility of obtaining financing with an interest rate of 0,95%, therefore giving continuity to the government´s policies of support to companies and ensuring the country´s economic development.

As of June 29th, companies interested in taking part in the program can find all information and procedures at For any questions or doubts one can call 812020 / 809292 or e-mail In the course of September subventions and lines of credit will be activated.

Text and photo: Govern d’Andorra

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