The participation on Wednesday morning of the Andorran economic promotion agency, ACTUA, in Fitur Health, ended with 14 business meetings. Contacts were made mainly with facilitators from the medical tourism sector and consultants from countries such as Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom, Russia and China who wanted to know the Principality’s potential in this field in order to explore the possibility of sending customers here.
The foreign professionals were mainly interested in treatments that can be carried out in Andorra, including plastic surgeries, dermatology, thermal water treatments, ophthalmology for children and the entire complementary offer existing in Andorra in the field of sports medicine, more specifically orthopedic injuries recovery.
These B2B facilitated business relationships with a selection of invited buyers, from countries representing issuers and prescribing doctors, national health facilitators, travel agencies and specialized international insurers.

 A renowned fair

Fitur Salud is a reference platform for the promotion of health tourism. Madrid hosts many exhibitors such as hospitals and clinics, spas, clusters and tourist destinations, medical facilitators, specialized travel agencies, suppliers and health tourism companies.