The Actua initiative organised today a new education cluster event, in which the Private Foundation Sustainability Observatory of Andorra (OBSA) presented a project related to the university education in the field of mountains in Andorra.

It is a project intended to reach two objectives: Offering a cross-training knowledge of the mountain environment and human activities taking place in there. Also, the project aims to integrate all the professional trainings existing in the Andorran academic framework.

Such trainings are being offered in other parts of the world like North America or the Alps, but not yet in the Pyrenees. The representative of the project, Eric Jover, highlighted that Andorra is a mountainous country by definition and has an economy heavily dependent on the activities related with this field. For example, snow tourism now represents more than 15% of the country’s GDP. In this sense, Jover considers that developing trainings in this area could be strategic, reinforcing the brand Andorra and positioning the country as a key reference in all aspects related to mountains.

In recent months, the OBSA has been searching partners to develop the project, and during the presentation, its leaders have reported that other institutions of great significance have decided to join it. Amongst them, the University of Andorra, the Centre for the Study of Snow and Mountains of the Institut d’Estudis Andorrans (CENMA), Andorra Turisme and the Training School for Sports and Mountain Activities (EFPEM).

The addition of such partners in the project will enable the development of a virtual postgraduate in Sports tourism and outdoor activities. With the aim of becoming an international reference this course will be taught in Catalan and English.