The Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, Jordi Gallardo, along with the Minister of Finance and Government spokesperson, Eric Jover, presented on Tuesday the Government´s plan to simplify the procedures of account deposits, taxation and generating statistical data. Jover pointed out that it is a change with a double objective: “maximize efficiency within the administration and, also, reduce economic and time costs for the tax payers”.

Therefore, he continued, we will pass from the current system consisting in presenting three different procedures –account deposits, tax declaration and the survey on economic activity– in to one single one. In addition, Minister Gallardo stated that from this year on only one declaration will have to be made. For individuals or companies with a business turnover of up to 6 million euros, the reduced model will have to be presented, memory and liquidation. For those higher it will be the normal model, memory/audit and liquidation.

In this sense, The Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise explained that the sole declaration will have to be carried out on the tax agency´s website. However, this year and in order to facilitate the change to the new system, those who which to do so may still present the deposit to the Registre de Comptes or at

Gallardo and Jover stated that the change will result in annual savings of 120.000 euros for the administration, as well as reduce time and paperwork for the tax payers. Moreover, and given that it is the first year of the change´s implementation, Jover reminded everyone that “last week the Council of Ministers approved an extension of the term by a month in which to make the presentation, until August 31st”.