Tuesday November 14th 2023

The Government has opened the registration period for the Entrepreneurs Workshop 2024, a free initiative whose aim is the creation of new companies in the country, while offering new business and occupation opportunities. It also wants to boost the development of high added value business projects, as well as entrepreneurial initiatives with a significant social impact and, especially, innovative businesses.

The Entrepreneurs Workshop is supported by the University of Andorra, putting at the entrepreneurs´ disposal the necessary infrastructure for the development of this initiative. Throughout the course of the Workshop, free formation sessions will be given providing attendees with the necessary knowledge and competences to create and manage a business successfully. The Andorran Government will reward the three best business plans developed over the course of this edition of the Workshop, and will also give a prize to the “most innovative project”.

By the end of the formation period of the Entrepreneurs Workshop, participants will have elaborated their own business plan, that will serve as a theoretical base to set up their real business. As a novelty, a support service will be provided to the entrepreneurs who elaborated their business plan during the Workshop and who, immediately after, want to start the procedures to open their company.

The Minister for Presidency, Economy, Labor and Housing, Conxita Marsol, at the award giving ceremony of the 23rd edition, highlighted the contribution made over the years of the Entrepreneurs Workshop, which has had over 300 participants since its beginnings in 1999 from which around one hundred business projects have emerged.

Places are limited and the registration period is open until the 22nd of December. Formations will be concentrated in the period between January 11th and June 27th 2024, with mandatory in person sessions at the University of Andorra on Thursdays from 16 to 19. Registration forms can be found at www.emprenedors.ad.

Text and photo: Govern d’Andorra

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