The Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, and president of Andorra Business, Jordi Gallardo, and the director of Andorra Business, Judit Hidalgo, held meetings on Tuesday in London with representatives from technological firms, large corporations, investment finds and airline companies, among others, with the aim of informing on investment opportunities in Andorra.

Gallardo highlighted that “the aim of these meetings is to further increase economic exchange with the United Kingdom as we have detected that we can be strategically interesting. Last year´s results attest to this. Formalized foreign investment coming from this country was over 8 million euros, which translates to an increase five times higher than the best historical results which date back to 2017 when it was of 1,4 million. Imports also figured higher than 25 million euros. They are interested in the opportunities offered in our country. We are doing everything in our power to increase knowledge even further and to grow commercial exchange between the two countries”.

In addition, the director of Andorra Business informed that “currently in Andorra there are 800 British residents. The good perception they have of our country is one of the best alluring qualities. There are more and more people establishing themselves to work from Andorra and we are looking for sectors to complete the existing offer”.

The work sessions also took place with representatives from technological firms, Fintech, e-sports and various sectors of strategic interest. Gallardo also had meetings with journalists from various media outlets such as the Financial Times and The Independent, among others.

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