Andorra Telecom has joined the inclusive companies network to promote access of people with disabilities in the labor market. The collaboration was formalized with the signing of an agreement between the Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and Interior, Xavier Espot, and the general manager of the company, Jordi Nadal.

The network of inclusive companies is part of the strategy to employ people with disabilities for 2016-2019. This strategy focuses on access and remaining in the market for members of this group thanks to the involvement of businesses and cooperation between administrations and economic and social agents.

The network has already borne fruit as two members of the group were incorporated in Andorra Telecom to carry out tasks in the public service’s trade department.
The Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and Interior expressed his satisfaction with the response of many companies to this program that should allow people with disabilities “to avoid any stigma” in the labor market and that may enable them also to “follow the same employment circuit as other workers.”

Jordi Nadal highlighted how this program fits perfectly with the company’s policy of encouraging the labor inclusion of people with disabilities. In this regard, he referred to the cooperation that for years the company has had with the Agència de Treball amb Suport (AGENTAS) from the Meritxell School, that allowed two workers to join the Andorra Telecom’s file department of Customer Relations. The company also counts two other disabled workers involved with the technical department.
Nadal also expressed his satisfaction for being the first company in the country having the distinctive corporate inclusive. Espot delivered him a proof sticker with the logo, which will be visible from today in the Andorra Telecom’s trade agency.
The Ministry has designed a specific itinerary in career guidance for people who need support and monitoring by two specialized advisers from the Employment Service. They provide support to recent employed people when joining the company, job coaching and monitoring of worker’s activities.

The network members are committed to identify jobs that could be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Proposals are sent to the Employment Service, which will recommend applicants that best fit the profile for companies that will make the final selection.