The fourth edition of the Andorra Business Market was held on Thursday may 9th in Andorra la Vella with all tickets sold out. This entrepreneurial forum organized by Andorra Business and the Business Market Network allows national and international companies, investors and entrepreneurs to interact. More specifically, taking part were representatives from 31 startups, 15 of which Andorran (Attitude, Balize, Cloudify Consulting, Cool is best, Elevados, Filtroo, Football improvement tool, Gosguapos, Ladies 4 Crypto, Leibor, LoresyncMontpackers, Onalabs, OtsoSalezfy, Smart warm technologies and Taskin), along with 40 investors.

The event began with a speech given by the State Secretary for Economic Diversification and Innovation, Marc Saura, who highlighted that “this event for entrepreneurs is a great opportunity to present themselves to about 30 investors, with the aim of finding support and collaboration to push their projects to a higher level. These startups represent a wide range of sectors and I am sure that, in some cases, there will be great discoveries with extremely interesting proposals”.

In turn, the director of Andorra Business, Judit Hidalgo, gave a presentation, in which she explained the evolution of the national entrepreneurial outlook, recalling the laws that are facilitating the arrival of these business models in Andorra, encouraging participation and the use of the startup platform created by Andorra Business and Andorra Research + Innovation, and announced new services that are being developed by the entity she manages. Hidalgo pointed out that all this deployment “is to potentiate the country´s economy by promoting the entrepreneurial and business ecosystem, and to attract talent”.

During the event, private meetings were held between investors and entrepreneurs, there was also an intervention by Astghik Zakharyan, CEO of SIA Startup Investor Accelerator, who gave the conference, “Why, who and how to get started in Angel Investing”. In parallel, there was also the roundtable “Trends in startup investment” with Ignacio Fonseca, director of Gestió d’Actius from Creand, Josep Navajo, founder of Delvy, Aitor Fuster, from Associate Actyus – Andbank, and Carlos Salinas, director of MoVe and director of Actius Digitals and Fintech for Morabanc. The roundtable was moderated by Judit Hidalgo, director of Andorra Business.

Thursday May 9th 2024

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