The 4th edition of the Micro First Lego League competition, organized by Andorra Telecom, will be held on January 24th with a record participation, evidencing the increasing implementation of robotics in schools. A total of 10 teams, three more than in the last edition, will take part in this competition that will also have an unprecedented venue being the cinemas of Illa Carlemany. Of the total number of teams, three belong to col·legi Janer, one to col·legi Sagrada Familía, and two belonging each to Santa Coloma, Ordino and Encamp centres of the Andorran School.

The Micro First Lego League is a team competition made up of students, consisting of building and programming a robot that must face a challenge related to environmental or social sustainability. This year, the competition’s leitmotiv is the relationship between man and water with the generic title Hydro Dynamics, a challenge that requires participants to propose formulas to improve research, transport and use of water. The competition is divided into three aspects: the scientific project; the values; and designing and programming of a robot for the realization of the proposed challenge.

The scientific project is one of the pillars of the event and represents an opportunity for teams to provide creative and innovative solutions. The jury will evaluate criteria such as research, the innovative nature of the solution provided and the presentation. The international organization is very aware that a competition of this nature, with an obvious pedagogical character, would not make sense without teams integrating values such as teamwork, fair-play, exchange of experiences or collaboration.

 The robots’ challenge will test the ability of the device built and programmed by the teams to perform missions on a game board which includes collecting rainwater, replacing pipes or cleaning a sewage treatment plant.

Photo: Andorra Telecom

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