Over 190 people participated in the first day of the Andorra Business Market, a participative, dynamic and open forum where both national and international companies, investors and entrepreneurs can interact. In this third edition, once again organized by Andorra Business and the Business Market Network, over 35 national and international investors are taking part, projects are being presented by 28 emerging companies and the attending investors collectively add up to a total financing capacity of over 200 million euros.

The program began with a presentation made by the Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, and president of Andorra Business, Jordi Gallardo, centered around Andorra´s bet on digital economy and entrepreneurship. Gallardo explained the process being developed by the country to attract new entrepreneurs and new ways of working such as digital nomads and coworking spaces. In addition, he presented the Andorran platform for startups and the strategy for innovation and entrepreneurship being elaborated alongside the main actors implicated.

Regarding the Andorra Business Market, that through Friday will gather dozens of representatives from emerging companies and investors at the congress center in Andorra la Vella, he highlighted that “it is a consolidated event in the country and this third edition´s main aim is to attract investment to the country, promote the business and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and to attract talent. From what we can see in these first few hours, I am sure that it will be another successful edition”.

After which the start was officially given with pitch presentations and conferences: “The art of helping through investment” by René De Jong (Business Angel); and “Fail early to succeed sooner” by Sabrina Guzman (CEO de Vesto). There were also interventions by Adrián Peribáñez, director of Actyus and Innovation manager at Andbank. On Friday it will be the turn for private meetings between investors and entrepreneurs.

The director of Andorra Business, Judit Hidalgo, stated that “we have been working on this event for many months with the aim of bringing investors and projects by our entrepreneurs together. The experience of previous editions demonstrates the interest shown with regards to the Andorran business ecosystem goes beyond our borders and in each edition, there are always agreements reached between both parties”.

Andorra Business Market 2022

Over 200 people took part in the second edition of the Andorra Business Market held on the 26th and 27th of May 2022. In this edition, once again organized by Andorra Business and the Business Market Network, over 25 national and international investors attended, 27 emerging companies presented their projects, over 140 business meetings were held, and the investors present added up to a financing capacity of over 100 million euros. All in all, open to models of investment in pre-seed, seed, development and consolidation phases, as well as acquisition of shares and business investment.

Andorra Business Market 2021

The first edition of the Andorra Business Market was celebrated on June 18th 2021 in Andorra la Vella and surpassed all expectations i terms of participation. Over 130 people, including business owners, investors and entrepreneurs attended the act taking part in roundtables, conferences, investment rounds and networking areas. Among the speakers there were some of Europe´s most active Business Angels, investors and assessors with great experience in the ecosystems of business, entrepreneurship and startups, as well as firms, signatures and international award promoters for emerging companies.

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