Scalada Stelar show by Cirque du Soleil generated an economic impact of 21.3 million euros on the country, which is about 9 times more than the cost of the event itself. Total revenues rose by 16% to 959,000 euros, mainly from ticket sales, while the net cost of the event was 2.5 million euros, a figure that is one of the lowest of the five editions of Scalada.

With regards to spectator expenses while in Andorra, figures have been growing steadily over the years: 7.2 million euros in 2013, 14.4 million euros in 2014, 18 million euros in 2015, 20.4 million euros last year and 21.3 million euros this year.

On Tuesday, September 26th, the Minister of Tourism, Francesc Camp, accompanied by the director of Product and New Projects for Andorra Turisme, Enric Torres, presented all these figures.

Scalada Stelar received more than 107,000 spectators over the 22 scheduled performances, setting an audience and occupancy record (98%). Of the total number of foreign spectators, 85.2% were tourists who stayed at least one night in the country, a figure that has been growing since the 2013 edition when the percentage was 78%. The average stay was 2.33 nights and more than 40% stayed in parishes outside Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany.

In fact, for 78.5% of those attending Cirque du Soleil, one of the main reasons for visiting Andorra is precisely to see the show. Once in the country, they also take advantage of other activities, such as Shopping, discovering the country and going to Restaurants.