The Government and the Comú of Andorra la Vella recently signed the land transfer agreement for a field located at the Enclar roundabout, near the church of Santa Coloma. In this area, a new building will be home to Santa Coloma’s Romanesque mural paintings. Meanwhile, thanks to the digitization made by ACTUA through the Google Business View platform, you can enjoy both the XII century paintings and the interior of this Andorran Romanesque jewel heritage.

The new museum will be ready in 2018

The selected project, winner of the design contest organized by the Government, was conceived by the architect Jorge Batlle. It is a building of 250 square meters, reconstructing the apse, maintaining the paintings with a closed air conditioned space. There will be a screening room and a second room to accommodate temporary or permanent exhibitions related to Romanesque art.

Once the budget is approved, construction’s call for tenders will take place in spring so that the project could be a reality next year. The Government therefore considers opening both the church and the exhibition hall throughout the year, and the price of 5 euros.