Tools for product definition and roadmapping. A practical view.

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Event Barcelona Tech City
Most startups have a nice idea or concept, but struggle to bring it to market. In most of the cases, it happens because of a lack of formal methodology to create a product and make it grow.

This talk aims to provide tools that can help Product Owners improve this process at each step of the project.

We will discuss tools that will help us create a solid product concept from an idea, bring that concept into a meaningful roadmap and break down the roadmap into sprints.

We will also talk about some practical problems like how to manage technical debt vs new features.


Evgeny Predein – CEO & Co-founder of Apiumhub
Ramon Felip – Product Owner at Apiumhub


19:00 – 20:00 Presentation, Q&A

1. Presentation and Introduction
2. From an idea to a seed
3. Product vision: The value proposition
4. Strategy and roadmaps: User story maps
5. Execution: Backlog and sprints
6. Practical problems
7. Wrap up
8. Q&A

20:00 – 21:00 Networking & Beer

Agreement between Actua and Barcelona Tech City

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