The Andorra Business Market is an open and dynamic participative forum, organized by Actua Business, in collaboration with the Business Market network, on June 18th at the Park Hotel in Andorra la Vella, where companies, entrepreneurs and investors will interact. The aim is to connect the Andorran business ecosystem with a network of investors, Business Angels, and Venture capital both national and international.

The program will host round tables, conferences, investment rounds and networking sessions. All of which, open to investment models in embryonic, developmental or consolidated stages, as well as asset acquisition and business investments.

The director of Actua Business, Judit Hidalgo, explained that “I encourage all professionals to participate as it is an initiative with various goals: gather the country´s investors in a forum with international contacts taking place in Andorra, bring Andorra closer to international investment groups, enhance the entrepreneurial, startups and business ecosystem, and attract talent and initiatives. In short, a firm intent on entrepreneurship and business development taking place in an inspiring format, boosting connections between investors and business people”.

In this sense, Hidalgo added that “it will be a dynamic, practical and open forum, allowing attendees to connect with investors and world-renowned experts in the fields of business investment, entrepreneurship and business development”.

The participants in the Andorra Business Market

Among the speakers, some of the standouts are the British Tom Horsey, regarded as one of the most active Business Angels in Europe and CEO of StartupLabs or Paloma Cabello, investor and consultant for technological companies with a vast experience in business, entrepreneurial and startup ecosystems, current president of HG Beyond, and the first European to be on the Global Investment Board of MIT.

The program will also include the participation of Francisco de la Peña, promoter of the Investment Fund in series B Invertits with a large impact in Europe and Latin America; Fernando Rodríguez Alemany, CEO of 15K Angels, investment fund specializing in promoting entrepreneurial initiatives in an embryonic stage; Fernando Rodríguez Alemany, from the International network of Business Angels Keiretsu Forum, one of the largest networks of investors with head offices in the U.S.A and Europe.

All of whom will take part in the round table “Keys to obtaining Venture Capital investment: challenges, obstacles and opportunities”. We can also highlight the presence of firms such as Cupido Capital with the participation of Nicolás Camp and Jorge Fields, or the director who was in charge of Américo Venture, Valentín García, among others.

Investment in family companies as well as the strategic financing aspect for business development or the push towards innovation will also be covered in this event with the signatures of Àrea Financera, Della Capital and Puente Relevo.

In the International field we can highlight the presence of French investment platform Multipliers, the British Capital Partners, the European Foundation Finnova with headquarters in Brussels and promoter of the Startups Europe Awards and the European Investors Community StartupXplore among others.

This incredibly attractive program, open to any business person, entrepreneur or professional will also include an intervention oriented to the construction of Andorra´s own investment ecosystem given by Big Ban Angels, investment platform.

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