​Imma Jiménez, director of the Economic promotion agency of Andorra, ACTUA, took part in the seminar “Corporate Social Responsibility and European Youth Card”, invited by the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) and the Network of companies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), on Monday.

Jiménez has focused much of his speech tonight to present the business opportunities generated in Andorra following the recent economic opening. After a brief introduction of the specificities of the country, she mentioned the ACTUA’s work to facilitate investments in the Principality for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Jiménez also recalled the support for internationalization and economic diversification, carried out by the agency.

The director of the economic promotion agency also presented the work being done by the clusters of Health and wellness, sports, education and Innovation (ACTInn). In the field of education, she explained how businessmen, students and education centres are working together in order to strengthen the Andorran talent and facilitating youth Access to the labour market.
The conference, held on the Andorran Embassy to Brussels, was attended by 30 businessmen and young people from countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Poland, the United-Kingdom and the Czech Republic. Many Andorrans living in Belgium also attended. 
Working on Corporate Social Responsibility
Earlier in the morning, Jiménez took part of the workshops on Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), which represents the company’s commitment towards their shareholders in the field of labour, social action, environment, good governance and transparency, throughout a free and solidary implication beyond the legislation requirements. The workshop presented the first programmes being implemented for European youth, and potential collaborations within States and companies.
ACTUA trains Andorran diplomats in foreign investment.

ACTUA took profit of its visit to train the Andorran embassy to Brussels’ personnel in foreign investment. The aim is to optimize efforts to attract foreign investments and to diversifying the Andorran economy. 

The training sessions focused on: changes brought about by the economic opening, how to manage economic activities (company creation, business opening and liberal professions), asset investments, active and passives residences, and taxes applicable to individuals and corporations.
These sessions will take place in all other Andorran embassies in order to improve the level of technical knowledge within the diplomatic corps.