TANDEM is an entrepreneurship project with Vocational Training (VT) students promoted by ACTUA. On Tuesday, September 26th, works corresponding to the second edition started. The aim is to involve the VT educational community of Andorra (both students and teachers) with innovation challenges posed by Andorran companies.

The session served to define and choose the next innovative challenge, selected among several proposals presented by Andorran companies. Therefore, students from the VC Centre of Aixovall will start working on them.

A Tandem of Andorran talent

TANDEM’s first edition ended last May 2017, with the presentation of three proposals from VT students that gave different solutions to the challenge posed by Perfumería Júlia. The challenge consisted of analyzing the client’s behavior in order to improve shopping experiences in the perfumery’s shops. The winning project was an application that enables the capturing of customer information thanks to a method combining NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth technology. The winners were Andre Filipe Sousa, Anna Sofia Santos, Carles Serra and Suman Sanjana, coordinated by tutors Gemma Minguillón and Emma Roch.

Tandem is part of the Strategic Plan for Renovation and Improvement of the Andorran Educational System (PERMSEA) promoted by ACTUA and the Government of Andorra’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education. It responds to the need to develop its own model that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of VT in the country. The idea is to introduce learning spaces where companies and collaborating entities meet with Aixovall’s VT Centre, to generate economic and social value. Tandem is, in fact, an open innovation community where professionals, teachers and students interact to respond to real and significant challenges existing in companies and within the Andorran society in general.

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