The Minister of Education and Higher Education Eric Jover, the leader of ACTUA’s Education Cluster, Ferran Costa, and the general director of Perfumeria Júlia Jaume Vivó, presented the Tandem project for FP students in Aixovall, created by ACTUA, the economic promotion agency of Andorra.
According to Jover, Tandem aims to involve the FP’s educational community with innovation projects developed in businesses. The minister believes that the model presented stimulates competences for the 21st century’s FP academic training programs, promotes student talent, increases employment opportunities for young people, improves the transfer of value between FP centers and businesses, and increases in return, companies’ competitivity.

Ferran Costa, leader of the ACTUA’s Education cluster, reminded attendants that this project was developed in the cluster and he highlighted that “it is an example of collaboration between the public and private sectors.” In Costa’s opinion, Tandem “is the result of a good predisposition, providing the necessary conditions in order to implement such an initiative” Costa also said “Tandem enables the creation and retention of talent, also in the field of professional competences.”

Jaume Vivó, general director of Perfumeria Júlia, explained “the Tandem project is an opportunity to break down school-company barriers, thus contributing to enrich both parts.” At the end of the whole process, Vivó expects as a result “a sort of ‘Big Data’ allowing to better understand our customer, their motivations to visit and buying in our shops, and providing us with tools to improve their shopping experience. ” Vivó is also convinced the project will “enable students to have a more realistic view of the companies and at the same time our company can be closer to our customers thanks to these young people’s contributions.”

A tandem of Andorran talent and added value companies

Second year students of the Diploma of Professional Education, regardless of their branch specialties, will participate in this pilot program launched by ACTUA. Students can develop their ideas with the support of teachers and business professionals from Perfumeria Júlia, in order to propose innovative solutions to business challenges presented by the company.
In addition, all parties will be satisfied, not only because Tandem promotes key skills for FP projects through real innovation, thus contributing to increase the employability of students, but also because it promotes the companies’ permeability to existing creative talent coming from FP centers. Thanks to a model that fosters, in an organized and systematic manner, innovation and entrepreneurship in FP centers.

Innovation Event in May

The pilot project will end at the end of this year, and on May 22nd and 23rd, an Innovation Event will allow students to present the projects they have worked on with teachers and tutors from Perfumeria Júlia. Tandem is intended to be consolidated for the start of the next school year.