The Centre Cultural i de Congressos Lauredià hosted the first entrepreneurship journey, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Services and the University of Andorra. Oriol Giró and Donna Alcalá, managing partners of consulting Emindsetlaw both presented and moderated the event. The conference, divided into five round tables addressed key aspects of entrepreneurship in the country.

The first lecture, given by ESADE Professor and consultant Ivo Güell, and the consultant Núria Prenafeta, addressed the characteristics of the new profile of entrepreneurs, called “millenials” and the values ​​that inspire them.

Then the panel discussion on the entrepreneurial process was attended by three successful entrepreneurs who have become leaders in their sectors, and managed to raise very important funding rounds. We could know the history of a project recently acquired by Tryp Advisor, the technological company Kompyte and the entrepreneurial project of Andorran Virginie Rogé, Dietox, a company participated by the reputed Spanish investor Luis Cabiedes. They all stressed that good projects, well-structured, credible and viable will always find funding.

The next table addressed financing aspects, with Josep Nebot, co-founder of Arboribus a successful crowdlending platform; Josep Mora, director of Idodi Venture and the Andorran David Betbesé, founder and partner of Alkimia Capital, a multi-family office that provides comprehensive consulting, specializing in finances and equity to their customers and also oriented in searching investors to entrepreneurship projects they consider most interesting.

In the afternoon session, several country entrepreneurs intervened. Alfons Miralles, cofounder of Cow or King, talked about barriers to entrepreneurs. Hugo Miranda, presented the software platform Key and Cloud, Francis Destrée, co-founder of many businesses like Sherpa Andorra and Makeyoursuit, and finally Rupert Fornell, who created with two partners the health services and sports platform MyBeweeg. They debated upon their experiences to create a start-up in Andorra, highlighting the strengths and the obstacles found during their beginnings.

The following panel discussion entitled “What we are doing and what we are not doing in Andorra for entrepreneurship,” featured presentations by Jordi Nadal, CEO of Andorra Telecom, Neus Soriano, Secretary of State of Tourism and Trade, and Imma Jiménez, head of the Actua program. Nadal talked about the NIU project, aimed at attracting tech start-ups, and the role of Andorra Telecom in the process of economic opening. Mrs. Soriano recalled the legislative efforts of the Government of Andorra, which has allowed the economic opening. She also stressed the large number of inquiries from foreign investment and the opening of more than 800 businesses in the country thanks to the joint action between the Government and the Actua program, since the law of foreign investment in 2012. The Secretary of State also reviewed some initiatives such as the “Taller d’Emprenedors”, which has already organized 16 editions, and shared some views on many issues like financing programs, simplifying procedures and improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem, noting the obstacles mentioned above by some entrepreneurs.

Finally, Ms. Jiménez highlighted the task of the Actua program for economic promotion and diversification, as well as the necessary accompanying task being carried out, as evidenced by the more than 4,000 inquiries managed at the Actua Corner since its opening in June 2014.

The event concluded with a final roundtable on foreign investment and internationalization from the legal and fiscal point of view. The director of Integral Serveis 21 Jordi Marticella and lawyers Esteve Vidal and Carlota Pastora spoke of the opportunities offered by Andorra, as well as key aspects to be considered in a process of internationalization.

The Minister of Trade and Tourism, Francesc Camp, closed the day thanking the organizers and emphasizing joint efforts to make Andorra a country of opportunities. However, he recalled that Andorra is a country of entrepreneurs and economic opening in 2012 was essential. Also, the current negotiation process to reach an association agreement with the European Union is a key element for new generations of entrepreneurs to have multiple opportunities to deploy talent and therefore contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of the country in the long term.