The jury for theJean Baptiste Say Awards has awarded Andorra Business with the prize for business excellence. At the announcement the organization distinguished the Andorran economic promotion agency for the work carried out by the entity in matters of “business, entrepreneurial and economic development”

The prize giving ceremony for the 2022 Jean Baptiste Say Awards will take place on Thursday April 28th at the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Sevilla. The prize is expected to be accepted by the president of Andorra Business, Jordi Gallardo, and the director of Andorra Business, Judit Hidalgo. Previous winners of the prize include entities such as the Fundación Amancio Ortega, the Instituto de Empresa and the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, among others.

The Jean Baptiste Say Awards recognize excellence, business innovation and leadership with the aim of placing value on companies and entities as drivers of the economy as well as business schools, investment funds, accelerators and personalities within the executive field actively work from the private sphere to contribute the development of society as a whole, the generating of wealth and progress of societies.

Jean Baptiste Say was a French economist in the XIX Century, founder of the first business school in Europe and defender of the business sector as fundamental in the creation of wealth in territories. A role that the jury for the awards recognizes in the figure of the different award categories.

Andorra Business
Author: Andorra Business

Andorra Business és l’agència de promoció i desenvolupament econòmic d’Andorra. Impulsar sectors clau per a la diversificació de l’economia, captar i acompanyar la inversió estrangera i local, donar suport a les empreses andorranes per ser més competitives, i facilitar l’aterratge al país de noves empreses, són algunes de les nostres prioritats.