The Government of Andorra offers the citizenship’s electronic certificate and free of charge for the whole year 2018. It will be valid for three years, to encourage its use. This announcement was made by the Secretary of State for Civil Service and Administrative Reform, Antoni Rodríguez, and the Government’s Secretary General, Jordi Casadevall, on Monday 12th March 2018 at a press conference.

The Government has decided to opt for the electronic certificate as a useful tool with guarantees of security in the relations of citizens with the Administration. Online services provided by the government have increased in recent years. In 2016, 18% of the procedures were carried out online, and in 2017 25% thanks to the increased possibilities offered by the Administration.

With the electronic certificate, online procedures can be carried out with full legal guarantees and electronic documents can be signed with the same legal validity as the handwritten signature, even guaranteeing the date of signature.

The Government’s Secretary General, Jordi Casadevall, highlighted the advantages of the electronic certificate for online procedures. A master code can be used with both the Administration and other entities, with the clear intention that in the future it will be used with many companies and institutions’ procedures.

The Secretary of State for Civil Service and Administration Reform, Antoni Rodríguez, said the authentication of e-tràmits with electronic certificate can be done from April for tax transactions, from June for business area, and from December for citizenship.

In addition, the deposit of accounts can now be made with the electronic certificate, and from April onwards, the certificate of occupancy the reservation of the trade name and business openings will be also available.

The use of electronic certificate for Online procedures has advantages such as the immediacy, avoiding displacements and time, and therefore reducing the environmental impact. In addition, it is an easy and safe mechanism that can be used from any electronic device.

Text: Govern d’Andorra

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