The European Union (EU) Finance and Economy Ministers, Ecofin, decided on Tuesday, December 5th to withdraw Andorra out of the tax havens’ blacklist. The European body recognises the Principality’s willingness to acquire greater transparency and international approval of the financial and banking sector in tax matters.

However, the EU has included Andorra in the list of 46 countries that still need to push for changes in fiscal cooperation. More specifically, in the field of exemptions and derogations from corporation tax, personal income tax and other aspects, to bring them into line with international standards.

 The Principality, together with Liechtenstein, Switzerland and San Marino, has agreed to implement these amendments during 2018 and the Consell General is currently in the process of making a parliamentary amendment to the corporation tax law.

 The tax framework will eliminate two special regimes and change two others. Those related to international trade and intra-group management and financial investment companies will disappear, and the special regime for companies engaged in the international exploitation of intangibles and companies holding shares in foreign companies will be amended.