Andorra Telecom’s general director, Jordi Nadal, along with RTVA’s director Xavi Mujal, gave a joint press conference today, Tuesday 31th of January, to present RTVA’s new content storage platform. The national storage cloud developed by Andorra Telecom, which will be commercialized under the name SomCloud, has become the new home for the parapublic’s image and audio files.
The launching of SomCloud falls within the strategic plan and ties into Andorra Telecom’s policy of public responsibility. The storage system in Andorra’s cloud has been developed in order to give support to the business network and more specifically to favour the sectors of innovation and new technologies. It is, as well, one of the main projects in Andorra Telecom’s effort to diversify in order to generate new sources of income, beyond their traditional business and to internationalize their activity.
The choice to use SomCloud is part of the overall technological renovation plan initiated by RTVASA. Mujal stated in his intervention the “synergy generated with Andorra Telecom has given RTVA the possibility to discover how to improve performance and efficiency in its work by not having to be responsible for the custody and maintenance of the audio-visual material generated”. Nadal pointed out that in terms of volume, public television is one of the country’s companies with the highest need for storage and was proud to be able to provide custody for such a rich archive. That “is part of our patrimony and contains all historic facts and events of our recent history”. SomCloud is characterized by its flexibility and the possibility to design a custom made solution for its clients. The solution provided by Andorra Telecom allows easy access to information through a double line of access way and a large storage capacity.
Nadal affirmed that this solution, contrary to other foreign service providers, allows for a final custom made designed solution for the client, as was done for the public television company, and guarantee that the information remains within Andorran territory.