Andorra Business and Encom, the company that manages the DreamHack brand in Spain, signed, on Friday, at the DreamHack València an agreement to work together on the design of a stage that integrates the main agents from the industry and that is aligned with the country´s strategic objectives all the while executing each of the operating lines contained within the Andorran eSports law.

The agreement, signed by the Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise and president of Andorra Business, Jordi Gallardo, and the CEO of Encom, Arturo Castelló, converts Andorra into an official host for theEsports City League, the most important inter-city amateur eSports league, the finals of which take place at DreamHack events that congregate thousands of people. This will create streamline platform that in the short to mid-term will activate Andorra´s relations with companies and institutions from the videogame sector.

One of the first events to be organized in the Principality in the spring will be the eSports City Fest Andorra, one of this league´s competitions where over 6000 people are expected to attend and that will be presented soon. In parallel, the agreement also includes an educational section, a section to attract businesses and indirect missions with members of the Dreamhack group present in countries such as Germany, Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, Sweden, France, Denmark, South Korea, Portugal and Spain.

The Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, Jordi Gallardo, who also gave a public presentation on the country´s work in this sector and investment opportunities highlighted that “the agreement with Encom is a step further within our national strategy of promoting the eSports sector in Andorra. We are working on the development of various fields: economic, business, competitiveness, education and social. In order to reach our goal, we are also elaborating policies, structures and projects that look to involve all actors from the value chain, both national and international, and this agreement is the perfect example of it”.

The Andorran minister also stated that “we want to position Andorra as one of the European capitals for eSports able to attract large competitions, companies and fans to the country and become a renowned destination to develop business in this sector”. Gallardo also held meetings with representatives in the sector from Valencia and Madrid and explained Andorra´s projects to national media outlets such as TVE, Expansion and Europa Press.

Arturo Castelló, CEO of Encom valued the agreement with Andorra Business: “The intent shown by the Andorran Government to promote the sector of eSports is clear and we are proud to be a part of this project, contributing all of our company´s knowledge and experience. Our aim is to enhance Andorra´s positioning as a global reference in the gaming and eSports sector, all through an executive plan that will include company and institutions with a clear focus. Andorra has become one of the first countries to make a clear and firm bet on eSports”.

Andorra Business´ strategic eSports plan

Andorra Business has developed a Strategic Plan to place the country as an international reference in the electronic sports sector (eSports). In fact, Andorra recently became the second country in Europe and fifth in the world to approve a law regulating this sector, but the first to approve the development of a Strategic Plan.

This plan looks to position Andorra as a technological hub and a recognized destination for the development of eSports business and attract big International competitions, entities and companies from the sector. The project with Encom impacts three influence areas directly related to the country´s socio-economic reality: Education, Business and Tourism; Encom´s main goal is to create and execute an agenda of contents and activities that enhance the Pyrenean country´s positioning as a reference in the sector.

Encom, a reference in eSports

Encom is a firm specialized in content creation, competitions and experiences in eSports and gaming. Manager of the DreamHack Spain brand for over 10 years and creators of the Esports City League, the first amateur league connecting cities across the globe through eSports. Its aim is to bring eSports closer to all layers of society by promoting the gamer lifestyle and positive values around.

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