The Aixovall Vocational Training Centre held on Tuesday, December 11th, the third edition’s finale of the Tàndem project, organized by Actua. Vocational Training students faced several innovation challenges posed by Andorra Telecom, Gamma Management and VallmedicVision. The winning team presented Free Wifi, chosen by the jury as the best solution in response of the challenge posed by Andorra Telecom.
In this third edition, 72 students participated, supervised by 12 teachers, and working on the following challenges: Andorra Telecom asked students to work on initiatives to innovate in the prepaid mobile telephony offer in order to reach more customers. (This happened to be the winning project); VallmedicVision wanted ideas to raise awareness among the Andorran population to avoid the abusive use of digital screens in order to reduce the incidence of myopia; and Gamma Management wanted to improve the relationship of this human resources company with its clients (companies and candidates).
The Education Minister, Eric Jover, highlighted the promising future that awaits the country’s Vocational Training students and recalled that “95% of students end up finding a job”. As for the Tàndem project, he pointed out “it was a project born from the Andorran educational system and is fully consolidated”.
For his part, the leader of the Actua’s Education Cluster, Ferran Costa, highlighted the consolidation of Tàndem and explained that “it is a matter of solving problems that companies have and that, thanks to an innovative component, challenges can be successfully addressed. The aim is to activate entrepreneurship and innovation and promote projects proposed by the students to become a reality in the participating companies.
The awards
The winning team will enjoy a workshop with experts at Barcelona Tech City’s facilities, and the other participants will receive a three-month package from Andorra Telecom, a Communication training course (Gamma Management) and a free ophthalmological check (Vallmedic).
The jury of this third edition was formed by the director of FP, Joaquim Torredà, the director of Actua Empresa, Judit Hidalgo, Joan Ras (Induct), Natàlia Sorokina (CFP teacher), Sergi Valls (Vallmedic), Ludovic Manzano (Andorra Telecom) and Pere Montes (Gamma Management).
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