The sixth Edition of the Tandem project by Andorra Business, whose objective is to implicate the Vocational Training (FP) educational community of Andorra in innovative projects developed within companies and enhance students´ talent, was presented on Monday October 4th. This year 91 students will take part, the highest number ever, and 12 teachers from the center in Aixovall who will work on the challenges presented by Abast Global (how to attract, return and retain talent in Andorra?), Daguisa Hotels (how to eliminate all plastics in hotel management?) and FEDA (how to foment healthy habits within the entity´s workforce?).

The Minister for Presidency, Economy and Enterprise and president of Andorra Business, Jordi Gallardo pointed out that “the project aims to bring the Vocational Training students closer to the entrepreneurial and innovation world. It allows the students to participate in all the innovative phases such as creation, prototype development, presentation, the acceleration of the project … and from the perspective of Andorra Business we are especially satisfied with the consolidation of this project”.

In addition, the Minister for Education and Higher Learning, Ester Vilarrubla, highlighted regarding the Tandem Project “the challenges presented are in line with the values we want to promote and are connected to the Objectives for Sustainable Development” and further adding “it responds to many of our ambitions in the educational field. That a company proposes a challenge and as a group of students you can work with the school´s resources on a real-life problem is a great opportunity”.

Representatives from Abast Global, Daguisa Hotels and FEDA were also in attendance for the presentation.

Previous editions of the Tandem project

The first edition of Tàndem ended in May 2017, with three proposals presented by the Vocational training students. They came up with various solutions to the challenge posed by Perfumeria Júlia, which consisted of analysing the customer’s behaviour to improve their experiences inside the shops. The winning project consisted of an application to capture the customers information thanks to a method that combines NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth technology. Eleven students and five teachers took part of the project, involving Perfumeries Julia as the only participant company.

In the Tàndem’s second edition, the Vocational training students had to face the challenges posed by the companies: Dermandtek, on how to raise awareness to prevent skin cancer; Hotels Plaza, on how to offer a personalised gift experience to its clients; and Inlingua, on creating an attractive language immersion project during the months of July and August aimed at teenagers. Among the five finalist projects, the winner was for an application and a loyalty points system that allows the client to enjoy exclusive advantages and activities in the hotel facilities. In this edition, all the students of the Vocational Training Centre (61) participated, supervised by 11 teachers, and worked on challenges set by the three companies.

In the third edition of the Tàndem project, the Vocational training students worked on the innovation challenges posed by Andorra Telecom, Gamma Management and VallmedicVision. The winning team presented a battery of proposals to improve the sales of Andorra Telecom’s prepaid cards. 72 students participated, supervised by 12 teachers, and the challenges were as follows: Andorra Telecom, on how to innovate in the offer of prepaid mobile telephony to reach more customers; VallmedicVision, on ideas to raise awareness among the Andorran population to avoid the abuse of digital screens and reducing myopia; and Gamma Management wanted to improve the relationship of this human resources company with its customers, which are both companies and applicants.

The Tàndem’s fourth edition was attended by 68 students and 12 teachers from the Aixovall centre who worked on the challenges posed by Morabanc Andorra (How to make basketball a priority leisure option for the population between 20 and 40 years of age); Unicef (How to strengthen the collaboration of young people and Unicef); and Vatel (How to make professions in the hotel and tourism sector more attractive to the country’s students).

In the fifth edition 80 students and 12 teachers took part, working on challenges presented by the Andorran Red Cross (How to expand the Red Cross´s presence on a social level in the Principality); Vallnord (How to reduce Vallnord Ski Resort´s ecological footprint); and Via Moda (How to reformulate Via Moda´s internal procedures to reduce their ecological footprint).

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