400 students of all post-mandatory education systems in the Principality (higher education, secondary education and vocational training), attended on Friday, March 31st, the VII Forum for students and companies held at the Congress Center of Andorra la Vella. The aim of the forum was to put in relation the Andorran business community and education centers with young students.

The Forum gathered 45 organizations (including companies and schools in the country), which guided the students on how to approach their future career and, to the extent possible, arrange their entry to the labor market of a planned way before finishing their studies. It was also an opportunity to attract talent for the participating companies.
The VII Forum for students and companies had the participation of speakers from various companies and Albert Llovera, the Andorran pilot who gave a conference with many proposals of interest to young people.

The increase in this edition of the number of young people and companies participating, demonstrate the consolidation of this Forum as a reference in the field of Education in Andorra.

Actua Actua
Author: Actua Actua