The ten scheduled performances of the Cirque du Soleil’s Scalada show were a complete success with the public. With a total of 46,915 spectators, all of the initial expectations were surpassed. The show of Saturday 3rd -08- will put an end to a total of ten performances. Scalada has been a total success with 92.1% attendance. The only days without a full house were when it was raining.

The minister of Tourism and the Environment, Francesc Camp, highlighted that “we are most satisfied by the interest that the Cirque du Soleil’s Scalada show has aroused and also the media impact it has had abroad. Shows like this should help position Andorra as an international point of reference”.
The organization, management and operations of the event were carried out by Andorra Turisme and the building of the stage and the adaptation of the Central Park to receive the show were undertaken by different Andorran companies.

Andorra Turisme’s Product and New Projects director, Enric Torres, underlined that “the project was a new experience and quite a challenge for us. We are very happy with how it’s all gone and I would especially like to thank all of the staff who have collaborated for their intense dedication and hard work on the project and especially the 80 volunteers who made it possible for Scalada to be a reality night after night”.

It was the Canadian company’s first show in Andorra and also the first time it had been put on outdoors in Europe. The Cirque du Soleil’s director of Special Events and Projects, Yasmine Khalil, said “we are delighted to have discovered Andorra and to have had the chance to bring a new experience of the Cirque du Soleil to the people of and tourists to Andorra”.

Andorra Turisme is now working on compiling data regarding the media feedback of the show in the communications media and on the social networks, the origin of the spectators and the impact of the overnight stays generated. A presentation will be made in early September.