Actua Innovació and the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow, one of the largest ecosystems for entrepreneurship and innovation in the world, are collaborating to enable entrepreneurs in the two countries to work together. This Thursday, Actua’s director, Marc Pons, was invited to the Start-up Village 2019. He met his counterpart at the Skolkovo Center, Pekka Antero, to explore new ways of collaboration.

Pons explained that ” We started collaborations with the Skolkovo Innovation Center a few months ago to facilitate Russian Start-ups to come to Andorra and allowing Andorran entrepreneurs to access such a cutting-edge environment in knowledge and technology.

Alexander Chernov, vice-president of the Skolkovo Center, recalled that “we visited the Andorran Innovation Space a year ago and we also saw how two Andorran Start-ups were progressing. With the size of Andorra, the result comes out immediately. Either it’s a failure or it’s a success. In both cases, conclusions come fast and that is very important “. Chernov remarked that “for this reason we invited a delegation from Andorra. With the 30,000 start-ups we have in Russia and the 2,000 technology companies of Skolkovo, important collaborations can be made. In Andorra we can shorten the time between idea and implementation, because if a decision is made, in 2 or 3 months, or in half a year at the most, you know if it will work or not.

Actua Innovació’s director, Marc Pons, also attended the Start-up Village 2019. He presented some of the latest Andorran projects, such as Data Hub Andorra, and shared a round table with several innovation leaders from Luxembourg, Singapore, Shenzhen (China) and Moscow. Later, he could hold bilateral meetings with the aim of establishing new collaborations and positioning Andorra as an international innovation destination.

A stand for Actua and 4,500 start-ups from 80 countries

Actua could set up a stand to present business opportunities in Andorra. According to organizers, 10,000 visitors, representatives of 4,500 start-ups from 80 countries and 1,000 investors visited the Start-up Village 2019. Next autumn, the Skolkovo Innovation Center will host a new event.

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