Five students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will arrive in Andorra next January to teach the students from various Andorran schools. The Government of Andorra and Vall Banc signed an agreement on Monday, December 11th, with the presence of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Eric Jover, and the CEO of Vall Banc, Michael Johunnes Christner.

Minister Eric Jover thanked the CEO of Vall Banc for the 12,000 euros grant that will finance the project’s expenses. MIT students will teach in subjects such as math, technology, or science. Jover explained that this project, promoted by MIT through the MISTI program (Mit International Science Technology Initiatives), strengthens the relationship between this North American university and Andorra and joins other collaboration projects in the field of innovation.

Vall Banc’s CEO highlighted the collaboration in this project due to the return it has for the society and also for the importance of education projects, which are in fact an investment for the country. Christner recognized the prestige and added value of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The students of the MIT, being in their final years of different careers in the scientific field, have all received specific training prior to this teaching period in Andorra, and have been chosen from 120 candidates. The courses start after the Christmas holidays. For three weeks, they will be in Andorra to teach subjects in the English language, under the supervision of teachers from the Andorran schools.

With this agreement, Andorra becomes one of the 12 countries where MIT students are sharing their knowledge.

The collaboration with MIT is not limited to this agreement, as several undergoing projects with Andorran links can also be contemplated in the Innovation Space of Andorra.