The first edition of the Andorra Telecom incubator / business accelerator financing round closed with a significant presence of investors. Over fifty finance professionals from banks, Family Office, Venture Capital funds and Business Angels took part in the NIU Demo Day, held in a centrally located hotel in Andorra la Vella, on Monday, November 20th, 2017.
Nine emerging companies presented their technology projects to obtain the financial support that will enable them to launch new products and services on the market. The NIU currently hosts a total of seven projects, of which four were considered ready to enter this first round: Aparkand, Rocket Center, e-beat and Telcap. The other five Start-ups that participated in this Demo Day are not in the NIU, but they include Andorran entrepreneurs or may be related to the country.
Andorra Telecom’s general manager, Jordi Nadal, was very pleased with the response received in this NIU’s first round of funding. For Nadal, the Demo Day is an excellent showcase of the world of technology and entrepreneurship, and provides a good opportunity for both emerging companies and investors. “We have talent and capital ready to help the development of Start-ups in Andorra. This forum should be an opportunity to put them in contact”, said Nadal, who also wanted to thank foreign investors that travelled to Andorra to participate.
Nadal also stressed that the telecommunications operator must become one of the key players in the idea of promoting an information technology sector in the country.
The presentation of projects was organized in a format of five minute Pitches and an additional five minutes for questions.
 Projects presented at NIU Demo Day
NIU Projects

An automated system that centralizes payments of private and public car parks, for use by companies and individuals. The end user will be able to register quickly and without any problems, find parking and pay the amount easily. The platform allows to purchase discount vouchers to distribute among customers or it can be used as an advertising space.
Technological leisure centre and eSports training. A high-performance Gamer-themed center where you can enjoy all kinds of video games, events and live broadcasts of the best competitions. The Business model fuses eSports technology with innovation, which represents a unique reference centre in the country.
e-Beat is an innovative high quality tele-diagnosis service for cardiac diseases “Made in Andorra”. It minimizes consequences of cardiovascular problems, bringing the user closer to the cardiologist professional in an agile, fast and effective way. State-of-the-art Swiss portable technology and other features supported by a professional team of telemedicine specialists, medical assistants and experienced cardiologists.

It presents a tool for telecommunications operators that monitors network capacity and future sizing needs. The platform not only reduces investment and maintenance budgets, but also increases network quality and improves the customer experience. The information it provides allows to measure detail and be proactive in updating policy.
Projects outside of the NIU

Nima Wolrd evolves the traditional zoo, creating tailor-made and and pre-designed attractions for commercial and leisure spaces. Nima Ship is the first product. It is a submarine-simulator, physically created in the shape of a real ship, which contains an interactive game that allows you to navigate the depths of the sea and discover the species that inhabit them, such as a life-size whale or a group of dolphins.
WeGarage is a platform that allows private space (parking space) rentals. The Marketplace P2P allows to connect private car park owners and users with parking needs. The platform allows you to: search for a private car park, make a reservation, geo-location to the parking entrance, automatic opening of the access door and automatic payment.
Be WAVEE is a social network created specifically for elite sportsmen or celebrities with thousands of followers. It is a personalized and private platform that allows these users to interact directly with fans and maximize the economic profitability of their advertising actions without having to comply with the rules set by the big social networks.
A mobile application where establishments display their products, services and ideas with a selection according to the profile, preferences and interests of users, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
Go-PopUp is the Europe’s leading Marketplace for the rental of temporary spaces for Retail Pop-up actions. It allows the rental of spaces and premises for a commercial action or a corporate event. It is extremely useful for owners to give liquidity to the rental market and increase the profitability of spaces, and for brands to position themselves, saving costs, close to their customers, and for event agencies.
Text and photo: Andorra Telecom

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