The Minister of Tourism and Commerce, Francesc Camp, presented the awards to the best projects of the Taller d’Emprenedors 2017. The event took place on Thursday, 6th July at the University of Andorra with the participation of the Rector, Miquel Nicolau. The 17th edition of the Taller d’Emprenedors closed with the participation of 18 entrepreneurs, 15 of which achieved a satisfactory business plan. Today’s event also made public the three award-winning projects of the Taller. The first prize, with 2,000 euros, was for a handmade cheese production project. The second prize, with 1,300 euros was delivered to a services project using drones. The third prize, with 750 euros, was for a tourist’s shopping application.
In his speech, the Minister of Tourism and Commerce, stressed it is now a good moment to undertake entrepreneurship projects in Andorra, since the economic cycle has changed. In fact, most indicators are positive, with more demand from consumers and companies, allowing more business opportunities. Camp also recalled the important reforms being implemented by the Government in favor of reactivation and economic diversification. He also referred to the imminent creation of the Ministry of Economy that will centralize in the same portfolio all aspects related to economic development, Entrepreneurship and business innovation; A clear and decisive Administration’s action in support of the Andorran business sector.
The Rector of the University of Andorra (UdA), Miquel Nicolau, also stated the university is very committed to the Taller d’Emprenedors, and anticipated two new projects related to entrepreneurship for the 2017-2018 scholar course.
Throughout the previous 17 editions, more than 240 entrepreneurs have satisfactorily developed their business plan, and most of them have ended up creating their real business. The Taller d’Emprenedors has been an initiative of the Government of Andorra since 1999, with the collaboration of the University of Andorra and with professionals from the private sector.

The aim of this Taller is to promote the ability to create new companies in the country or to lead business projects in existing companies. The training is totally free for participants over 18, who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to create their own business. Any kind of business project is accepted.
The duration of the Taller d’Emprenedors is about 5 months, from January to June, including 20 face-to-face trainings at a weekly session, Thursday afternoon at the University of Andorra. The Taller also provides a tutorial service to monitor the projects’ evolution during the 5-month’s training period.

The Workshop provides comprehensive training for the entrepreneur, in areas as diverse as marketing, production, human resources, economics and finance, legislation, etc., so that each one can personally develop his own business idea. Each entrepreneur works during the Taller in his business plan.