Andorra Business launched at the end of May and for the fourth consecutive year the tender to opt to a new Edition of the subventions program for small and medium size businesses in Andorra. The amount available this year is of 180.000 euros.

In the end Andorra Business received 66 applications and 46 companies will receive a subvention to be directed towards the carrying out of 59 services. The average amount awarded to each company was a little over 3.900 euros.

The Director of Andorra Business, Judit Hidalgo, pointed out that “through these subventions we want to aid and incentivize the country´s companies with a limited possibility to access external professional services to do so in order to become more competitive and resilient”. As an example, Hidalgo also informed that “49% of the budgeted amount went to recently created companies or whose turnover was under 50.000 euros in 2020”.

In terms of the most requested services these continue to be web development focused on International Markets and e-commerce, as well as increasing new lines of business and incorporating new technologies. With regards to the chain of value, this year has seen an increase in the production and development of companies, reaching 27% of the amount awarded to these types of businesses.

In addition, the sectors which received over 10% of the total amount, are commerce, health and wellness and also professional services adopting measures for their digitalization.

This year, the procedure for the awarding of the subventions once again was that of competitive concurrence, in other words, once the application period ended, they were evaluated based on the program´s established criteria.

You can consult the resolution published in BOPA in the following link.

The subventions awarded were as follows:

Sector of the company
Others 4 9%
Commerce 5 11%
E-commerce 3 6%
Education 1 2%
Sport 3 7%
Audiovisual production 2 4%
Health & Wellness 8 17%
Business Services (Commercial management, Lawyers and similar) 12 25%
Tourism 2 5%
Personal services 3 7%
E-Sports 1 2%
Fintech / Insurtech 1 2%
Catering Industry 1 3%

Turnover of the applicants

from 0 € to 50.000 € 15 32%
from 50.001 € to 100.000 € 3 6%
from 100.001 € to 150.000 € 3 7%
from 150.001 € to 350.000 € 8 18%
from 600.001 € to 1.300.000 € 8 17%
from 1.300.001 € to 1.500.000 € 1 3%
Newly created 8 17%

Value chain of the applicants

Value chain
Production and development 11 27%
Wholesale B2B 18 37%
Retail B2C 17 36%