The Consell Andorrà d’Estadística was constituted this Thursday, February 22nd, as a consultive and participation body on official statistical programmes plans and other aspects related to this field. During the entity’s first meeting, chaired by Finance Minister Jordi Cinca, the internal operating regulations were approved and a favourable opinion was given on the proposal for the 2018 Statistical Programme.

The aim of the Law for the Statistical Plan 2018-2021 is to ensure that the Consell Andorrà d’Estadística is plural and represents all social actors, taking into account providers, producers and users of statistics. For this reason the body chaired by the Minister of Finance, along with the coordinator from the Department of Statistics, Enric Ripoll, as secretary, including representatives from Actua, the Consell General, the comuns, four users’ representatives, the scientific community, civil society and survey respondents, representatives of INAF, parapublics, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, trade unions, the Confederació Empresarial Andorrana and the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data.

 The Finance Minister, as president of the Consell, stated that the aim of the Consell Andorrà d’Estadística must be to improve the governance on statistics and make the statistics generated as useful as possible. Thus, he expressed the need to have quality statistical data and comparable to its environment, since this is a repeated requirement, for example, for rating agencies, and also a requirement for being part of the International Monetary Fund. He also stressed that the usefulness of these statistics is mainly internal, since they are necessary to know the reality of the country and define strategies.

 In this sense, the Consell Andorrà d’Estadística must participate in the selection of the statistics to be incorporated into the annual plans, and identify those that are produced but no longer useful.

Text: Govern d’Andorra